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An invitation to see some of the most beautiful women in the world in a glorious location was exceedingly tempting (even without the offer of free drink), unfortunately I couldn’t make it. so Lincguide sent Cathleen Graham down to soak in the atmosphere and tell us all about it…

Miss Fashion TV is an annual event held at the Rocks Hotel and Casino in North Cyprus. I suppose it’s nearest comparison would be the Miss Universe or Miss World competitions. The winner is propelled into a whirlwind lifestyle of modelling, travel and parties. (Not included in the prize is a professional footballer).

It’s a hard life, but somebody has to do it.

If you haven’t been to the Rocks Hotel in Kyrenia, it’s facilities are first class and up there with some of the best Hotels in Vegas. The glorious evening starts around the newly refurbished pool area, atmospherically decorated with candles and a gorgeous blue fountain / waterfall feature.

Miss Fashion TV

A lot of thought has gone into the new redesign and its a wonderful area to relax with a drink and meet friends. The view out to sea is breath-taking, there is new lighting too on the decking area, resembling miniature sails when lit. Anwyay, it’s on with the show, and with a catwalk situated between the pool and the ocean, the models were going to have to be something to match the beauty of their surroundings.

The event was hosted by Sladjana Pejic, a well known Fashion TV beauty queen and Mehmet Ali Erbil (a famous Turkish Comedian). First up was the Bikini section (well it was very hot), followed then by a series of different outfit changes from various designers including Mehmet Kaymen and Haute Couture. The show buzzed along briskly and in the breaks we were entertained by the excellent singing of Levant Dorter and Berksan. Behind the catwalk was a huge screen so we could see all the action close up.

The judges (including a Designer from New York, Miss Fashion TV 2010 and Miss Turkey) narrowed down the field of 38 to a final 10, who then modeled über cool Emre, New York Handbags (as worn by Madonna, Beyonce and Michelle Obhama).

After some careful consideration the winners were
1st Alina Zhigulina from Russia
2nd Daniella Mijatovic from Bosnia
3rd Raychel Raquelle Garrison from USA ….And also
Miss Facebook Maya Kljajic from Bosnia
Miss Rocks Zhanna Tekleva from Russia

Rocks hotel

We sat next to The Ladies in Red who go round to most functions dressed in red to make people more aware about giving blood. It was great to see the show presented in English and Turkish, and exciting to get a glimpse of this showbiz lifestyle, even if it was just for a night.

Many thanks to the Rocks for their hospitality, incidentally look out for some fantastic live concerts coming soon at the Hotel including George Benson and Kool and the Gang.

Visit their website for more info

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Each month Rosy Glow shares her news, personal thoughts and intimate letters on her (not so) new life living in Northern Cyprus. This month things are happening and then again…

Dear Sis,
I don’t think I am exaggerating when I say since I last wrote I have been about as close to death as I ever want to be until I close my eyes for the last time.

What you may ask has made me feel this way….just one thing… a snake in the garden! There I was, merrily minding my own mind pruning the flowers around the tree when a shout rings out (from Rob), “Rosy, snake!

This “thing” had been hiding in my flowers and dropped to the floor and slithered to goodness knows where. Rob checked the garden but could not find it so I am hoping it has decided to go out of my garden via the back-flush pipe.
Having checked online, it appears slippery Sid was a brown cat snake, the least poisonous of the three brown snakes but does he know that?

Anyway, I live to tell the tale.

The Colony Hotel , Cyprus

Another thing of note in this letter is our night out to the Four Tops Tribute band at The Garden, part of the Colony Hotel (above). What a night… fantastic. It’s the first time I have ever seen a dance floor full from song one to the end song. I was disappointed with the food but that aside, a great night and 32,000tl raised for charity. Fantastic!

I have an alarming piece of information for you now. It seems that the waters around Kyrenia are a breeding ground for salmonella, typhoid, E-coli and other murderous bacteria. It comes from the sewage that is pumped into the waters by the Municipality so I guess that is swimming and fishing off the “to do” list.

The inaugural charter flight of Polish tourists landed recently and 185 Polish tourists disembarked. That will boost the economy no end and my bet is less than half will be using their return ticket!

I read recently that a five-step action plan to bring about a Cyprus solution has been prepared by the UN. What part of “you have been here for nearly 50 years and you have not made any progress” don’t you understand?

Really, I despair at times.On that note I will remind you bakers trade bread recipes on a knead-to-know basis.
As ever
Your itinerant sister
Rosy xx

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Hello Sailor!

30 May 2011

Cyprus DaffodilsEach month Rosy Glow shares her news, personal thoughts and intimate letters on her (not so) new life living in Northern Cyprus. This month things are happening and then again…

Dear Sis
I am a year older than when I last wrote and it is disheartening to think old age is approaching with the speed of superman on ecstasy. Still, I had a lovely birthday and celebrated with family and friends in Joya restaurant.

We have had “Festivalmania” here in North Cyprus as the villages do like a good get together. So far we have had or will have, the silk festival, the carob festival, the walnut festival, the apricot festival, the strawberry festival and possibly some I have forgotten to mention… you get the drift of these festivals……food, food and more food.

They are all good fun though and run from early evening until early morning, not that I am ever up and around at early morning as Rob says only thieves and ladies of the night are around at ridiculous o’clock!

Once again North Cyprus has welcomed all the sailors, 180 in total, who are taking part in the Mediterranean Yacht Rally, into the old and new harbours of Kyrenia. Amazingly, fifty one yachts made the trip from Turkey and have now moved on to Lebanon. The life of a sailor is obviously a jolly one.
As you know we have had some of Rob’s family out to visit and it has been good fun to see them again. They leave tomorrow so it’s a quick change of bed linen ready for the next visitors, next weekend…talk about “hot bunking”.

I have heard today that a male voice choir, from Blackburn, will soon arrive on our shores. I shall go and see them and grade them against our Welsh male voice choirs of course. There is something about a choir coming from the up ‘tnorth that I cannot quite get my head around. I thought they produced consummate brass bands. I will keep you posted.

The subject of deeds raises its head again. Latest news…hot of the press today is that our developer will, allegedly, be a rich man by next Wednesday. It seems the money he won in his court case, a mere £8.3m will then be paid to him so he says, “ring me Friday and we can sort out the deeds”. Why can’t I ring him Wednesday afternoon that is what I am asking?

I am sad to report that Mr Rauf Denkta?, founding president of North Cyprus is in hospital. I wish him a speedy recovery as he seems to be the only sensible voice of authority, plus he has a soft spot for expatriates.

Right, time for me to go to the pool again but just remember this, no matter how much you push the envelope, it’ll still be stationery.
As ever,

Your itinerant sister
Rosy xx

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Homeswap in Australia

20 Apr 2011

We got this email from a couple who live in Queensland Australia.

We stumbled across your site whilst looking for the possibility of a home exchange in Northern Cyprus.  We’re very experienced and enthusiastic home swappers, formerly from UK, who now live in South East Queensland, Australia … the part that was totally unaffected by floods and cyclone!….. 

We regularly swap homes in Europe.  However, finding a home exchange in Cyprus has always defeated us.  So we wondered if any of your readers would like to wave goodbye to Cyprus in the winter and stay at our waterfront home on the Sunshine Coast?  In turn, we’d like to visit Northern Cyprus in June or September. 

For more information and photos, please click here

If you want to contact the couple send me your info and I will pass on your details.

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Each month Rosy Glow shares her news, personal thoughts and intimate letters on her new(ish) life living in Northern Cyprus. This month the signs of life?


Summer is definitely just a breath away. The warm mornings are giving way to hotter days but nights are still cool. Flowers are in abundance and do you know what, life is good in North Cyprus.

I have to impart news now that will both shock and amuse you. Your little sister is to become a model! I know, it’s been a long time coming but everything comes to she who waits.

Seriously, there is a wonderful Bridal and Evening Gown Show this Sunday at the Korineum Golf Club and as the lady who made my evening dress last year is the same lady who is running this show, she has asked me to model my dress. Well, you know me, shy and retiring, so I took about two minutes to ponder the foolishness of my taking to the catwalk but I realised I could not disappoint my public. Break a leg!

We have a whole host of family and friends coming over this summer so we are looking forward to seeing everyone. The shame of it is that if we had our Deeds, we could have had our extensions completed and then we would have space for everyone but as it is, some are having to hire apartments which is not what we want but one spare bedroom is just not enough.

April Fools’ Day has passed but not for some in North Cyprus it seems. This week a report in one of papers told the story of a goat-herder who was fined TL130 for “threatening road safety” by taking his goats across a main road. When he asked the policeman how he was to get his goats from one side of the main road to the other he was told, with n’er a smile, that he should use a helicopter! I ask you, has the whole country gone totally mad?

Those restaurants that closed for a winter break have now re-opened but sadly, there are just not enough tourists here to warrant the amount of restaurants we have and that continually spring up out of nowhere. Most of the restaurants seem to be closed by 10pm so I guess they are all hoping that May will being in a flood of people eager to spend their money in their establishment. I wish them well.

Right my dear, all this talk of food has reminded me it is lunchtime and sustenance is called for.
I leave you now with this thought – let your greatest fear be that there is no PMS and this is just your personality

As ever,
Your itinerant sister


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Cyprus DaffodilsEach month Rosy Glow shares her news, personal thoughts and intimate letters on her (not so) new life living in Northern Cyprus. This month things are happening and then again…

Dear Sis
Happy St David’s Day!  No daffodils peeking through yet but they will soon catch up to the crocuses which are already filling the garden with their lovely perfume.

What a strange old time we have been having here in North Cyprus as the government tries to introduce austerity measures (is that a euphemism for cut backs?).  The court personnel are on strike, the Trade Unions are planning strike action and we have had a tornado in Nicosia.  Unfortunately the tornado was not at the seat of government but we live in hope.

I have just found out the new High Commissioner for Cyprus is Welsh.  Mr John Christopher William Kidd comes from Aberystwyth which will be his undoing of course.  Had he come from South Wales, I predict he might have made Prime Minister.   He “popped over” to the North to give blood at the British Residents’ Blood Donor Day so it seems he is not such a bad egg after all.

Recently, our friends Brigid and John who live in Spain, came to stay.  I think they enjoyed the break away as John is recovering from knee surgery but it seems a slow process.

We took them to Tango to Buddha for the Children in Need Foundation Italian evening and it went well despite my food being cold the first time around.  The singer, Tony Wand, was very good and quickly had the audience singing along.  The ladies, especially those of a certain age, seemed rather taken with him.  We didn’t stay too late but I found out later that the organisers raised TL2,320 which has already been given to a Rest and Respite room at the Thalassaemia Centre in the grounds of Nicosia State Hospital.  A very worthy cause!

One thing though, I dread to think what would happen if the ex-pat community stopped fund raising as they keep so many charities afloat. North Cyprus is just beginning to bloom as the weather is quite lovely at the moment.   We have had rain, which we desperately need, but sunshine abounds too so everywhere is looking verdant and fresh.  It’s a shame it’s almost time for the snakes to come out of hibernation.  God how I hate them!

Slowly, people are beginning to return to our estate and it is good to see old friends again.  Jashan’s restaurant will re-open this month which will, no doubt, please many people but I do not look forward to the smell of burnt spices wafting down the road.  Oh well, live and let live I suppose.

As I write, James is away with friends; Bob is asleep on the sofa, as is Bilbo.  Gracie is asleep on the floor and our latest guest, Bertie, an American water spaniel, is also asleep.  Was it something I said do you think?

Time for me to go but ponder this: “Why is the man who invests all your money called a broker?”

Your itinerant sister

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