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Samsun V Pumas Match Report

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25 Mar 2009

pumas2Here is a Samsun v Pumas match report from the Pumas press officer Claire Morley.

The Cyprus Pumas third league game against Samsun was abandoned after 22 minutes of play on Sunday March 15.

Referee Kevin Hosford battled to keep control of the game from the outset, the Samsun players were totally undisciplined and consistently flouted any rulings made. They then turned aggressive when penalised for ignoring the referee. Two of the home team’s players received a yellow card during the cut short game, which saw the Pumas score six points from two penalties.

The game should have provided Samsun with a home advantage especially with a narrow pitch that would have curtailed the Pumas from full use of their back line. With key forwards missing from the visiting team, the Samsun pack could have proved a challenge to the league leaders. Instead they showed no respect to their opponents, the referee or indeed their own coach. They resorted to aggressive and unruly behaviour that gave the referee no choice but to make the decision to abandon the game.

The disappointed Pumas team retired to their changing room and club captain Sebastien Crebier suggested that once the Samsun side had calmed down the match could be resumed. However, an attack on the referee by one of the Samsun players ensured that the game would not be restarted.
In 12 years of refereeing I have never encountered such undisciplined behaviour,” said Mr Hosford. “This is the first time I have ever had to abandon a game.”

The trip to Samsun was not a cheap one for the financially struggling Pumas.
“It cost the club 10,000TL to fly the players to Samsun,” said team captain Sam Butcher.
“That makes it a very expensive 22 minutes.”
“The players were all psyched up to play the full 80 minutes,” said Mr Crebier. “There was a lot of disappointment in the changing room after the game was cancelled, but it was the right decision. The way things were going someone could have been seriously hurt.”

The Pumas remain at the top of the Turkish league and were awarded five points for the game. The Samsun coach resigned immediately after the game and calls have been made for the Federation to discipline the Samsun team in particular the player that struck out at the referee.
“Samsun could be a good team if they are prepared to be pulled into line,” said Pumas chairman Simon Kiddle. “In which case we should support them if they want to continue playing. In order to move forward they need proper education and at the very least a basic understanding of the rules.”

Lets hope the next Cyprus home match will be slighlty more civilised affair, come and bring you support, they have still yet to conced a point in all their games this season.
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